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Commercial Laundry Machines Rental in Cleveland

Does your service also include laundry set-up consultation?

The answer to this question is yes. As we all know that before setting up the laundry equipment, space is a major factor that requires attention. If the requirement of big laundry equipment is there then making sure that the adequate amount of space is there is extremely necessary. Many times, people skip this part and directly face the problem of space and the machine size during the final set up process. This can be a stressful situation. Thus, in order to make everything smooth and as per the requirement and space, you need to check a few factors. Our team of professionals can help in making this task easier for you. We have got experience of doing this and providing consultation services for a long time now. Thus, you can surely take our advice on how many washing and drying machines are required for the space-based upon the room numbers. Apart from that we can provide you with additional advice related to occupancy rates, help to give advice on the layout, service, equipment, operation and installation. Our team is here to assist you with all these types of factors so that you can make the best decision.


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    I am just sending this through to say thank you to yourself and Michael for your help and service with the purchase of our washing machine and dryer. Both machines exceed our requirements space wise and we more than happy with the performance of both machines. They have cut the washing time by over a 1 hour daily. Thank you again for your help.

    SB – Brisbane

    Thank you for your prompt and pleasant service always and I assure you if I do decide to take in students again or at another address I will contact you again.

    FD – Teneriffe

    Many thanks Mike. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and your family team at Brisbane Laundry Rentals. Thank you for the excellent service we have received.

    LH – Kangaroo Point

    Service and response times have been excellent. I wish all my contractors were as easy as yours.

    RD – Brisbane

    I am more than happy to recommend your services to any clients.

    AW – Spring Hill

    Thank you for your help with the new washing machine and prompt service. It looks great and my tenants are happy.

    MA – Sandgate

    Thank you for your prompt attention and service always.

    HV – Bribie Island

    Thanks Diane. Been a pleasure, thank you for your usual assistance.

    FE – Spring Hill

    Thank you for the excellent service we have received. It has been a pleasure to do business with you and your family team at Brisbane Laundries.

    LH - Kangaroo Point

    Love this place! For long waits around meal times the takeaway next door delivers food into the laundromat, how great is that?! 10 out of 10

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    What a fantastic laundromat! so many rainy days spent with you 'speed queen'.

    via Facebook

    With my machine on the blink i dropped in here and was after a quick feed and realised the takeaway next door delivers so you don't have to wait? Nice. And the wash cycle is so much faster than my home machine!

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