This is perhaps the most often asked question in our industry. Why do so many of our clients choose to go with a Brisbane Laundry Rentals solution for their coin-operated laundry as opposed to buying the machines outright themselves?

That’s a pretty easy one to answer though there are several reasons:-

Owning machines turns your business into a different type of business
If you set up a laundry at your property with clothes washing and drying machines provided rent-free by us then you’re entering into a low risk, low capital service supply business. You won’t have lots of money tied up in capital and you won’t have lots of your time tied up managing the repair and maintenance of the machines. You have a scalable business and your capital is available for other parts of your business where it is needed.

If you purchased the machines yourself the reverse is true. Instead of just being a service provider you become responsible for the management and maintenance of commercial machinery with capital tied up in the business.

You can focus on your core business
This is especially so for accommodation providers whose core business is providing accommodation to residents. Not servicing commercial washing machines. When it comes to running an accommodation business there is never enough time in the day for even the shrewdest of operators so having some of this precious time taken up monitoring and managing commercial washing machines is just bad business.

Reviews on websites such as trip advisor or local directories such as Google places can hang around for ever.
You never want to see a review go up “Nice place but half the machines didn’t work in the laundry, and one of them left dirty marks on my clothes.” The best way to avoid such reviews is to ensure you place the responsibility of repair, care and maintenance of your coin-operated washing machines in the hands of the business but has this as one of their core business focuses.

That leaves you to focus on the other parts of your business and as a result it will be more successful.

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