Brisbane Laundry Rentals are proud to have been recently selected to install and manage new laundry facilities at several large student properties in the Brisbane area, operated with new “cashless” systems.   We are excited to be involved in installing these new card operated systems in state of the art laundry rooms in new state of the art properties.

What We Do

We offer a comprehensive service, handling all of the details from start to finish. From the earliest design and planning stages to the final installation of the equipment, our team manages everything, ensuring a smooth work flow throughout the entire process. Once the equipment is installed, we offer a variety of options for continued management, depending on the preferences of the property manager. With all of our packages, we handle the maintenance and repairs of the laundry machines at no extra cost to your property.

Benefits for the Property Manager

Depending on the management option you select for your property, you may be entitled to keep some or all of the money paid by your tenants to do their laundry, resulting in additional income for your property. By retaining us to handle the maintenance and repairs, you never have to worry about the added costs of fixing damaged or broken machines. Also, with one of our tailored equipment rental packages, you do not have to undertake the high cost of purchasing the appliances yourself.

Benefits for the Residents

From your residents’ perspective, having a laundry facility is a huge asset when choosing where to live.  Particularly in our student properties, we are shifting away from traditional coin-operated machines to cashless systems which allow students to swipe their student ID to use funds in their deposit account, making it even easier for them to pay for their washing.  Regardless of the payment type, an on-site laundry facility provides convenience for your tenants as they can wash their clothes at home, rather than having to lug all of their stuff to a laundromat and spend half of their day waiting for it to finish.  We will install modern, clean equipment and maintain it to a high standard.

Why Choose Brisbane Laundry Rentals?

With over 40 years of experience in residential laundry facilities, we are experts at what we do. The student housing area is our specialty, but we gladly work with other types of housing as well, including flats, boarding houses, caravan parks, hotels and resorts, hospitals among many others. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and assistance throughout the entire process, taking all of the pressure of managing the facility off your busy to-do list so you can focus on managing your property.  Here at Brisbane Laundry Rentals, we provide quality laundry services for all multi tenant housing facilities and residential establishments, whether coin, card or manually operated.

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