Don’t be fooled by the name, at Brisbane Laundry rentals we provide laundry setup, equipment management and servicing to all of South East Queensland, and certainly to the Gold Coast.  The freeway has very much blurred the border between where Brisbane ends and the Gold Coast starts which is great for businesses like ours that service the whole area.

Not only can we service your Gold Coast business with laundry rental services from our Brisbane base… we have Gold Coast based team members that can quickly attend your premises if one of your machines needs attention.

We supply the same complete service in the Gold Coast as we do in Brisbane, namely:-

  • Complete laundry room setup.  Design, layout, installation.
  • Free machine provision.  That’s right.  We supply all your machines at no charge.
  • Free service and maintenance.  We even collect the money from the machines for you if you wish.

We do this and more on a free rent, profit share arrangement -yes, we pay you, or straight monthly rental.  Our Gold Coast customers love it as it means they get a money making laundry set up, but don’t have to worry about the headaches of funding, maintaining or even staffing it.

So call us today, your Gold Coast Rental Laundry installation is just a phone call away.

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