Many accommodation providers overlook the financial benefits of a well run laundry service add on for their business. They see it as a service they must offer, one that can be a big time waster. The humble laundry is often overlooked because they don’t necessarily appreciate the strong fundamentals such a business has. For example:-

a. Your laundry service will always have a constants stream of customers
Travellers and holidaymakers have to wash their clothes, and as they are more active than usual, they likely have higher volume washing needs than average users. Whether they are trekking around the place, seeing the sites etc… Australia’s warm weather dictates their clothes are going to need washing regularly

b. Low capital investment
Accommodation businesses generally have lots of capital tied up in land, buildings and fixtures and fittings. Not so with a coin operated laundry room fitted out by us. The fixtures and fittings themselves are minimal, there is no stock to speak of and Brisbane Laundry Rentals provides the washers and dryers rent-free. In terms of capital outlay it’s almost the perfect business.

c. Fitting a Laundry Room is a piece of cake?
Fitting out hotels rooms requires careful planning. You need the best use of the space so you can fit as many people in as possible, whilst ensuring the space meets the needs of your guests.  Not so with your laundry – we have laundry fitouts for accommodation providers sorted out down to the smallest detail. We have fitted out hundreds of laundries and can advise on the best use of your space. Our licensed electricians can ensure the wiring is done correctly and meets all relevant legislation requirements.

d. A coin operated laundry is quickly scaleable
You may find that you have set up with insufficient or an oversupply of machines. Excess machines can be returned or new ones delivered very quickly.

e. Your Laundry can be largely automated
Automatic change dispensers, washing powder dispensers relieve the need to have staff on hand all the time. Whilst many of the services provided by accommodation businesses are staff heavy, your laundry services should be able to run themselves.

f. You are not responsible for maintaining equipment
Not only are you not responsible for the capital cost of the washing and drying machines, you are not responsible for maintaining them. We service the machines on a regular basis and repair or replace any damaged machines as necessary.

Anything Else to think about?
The hardest decision you’re going to be left with is what magazines if any you’d like to place in the waiting area of your new laundry room and we are sure our helpful team can give you a few tips in that area too! So don’t delay, call us today let’s get your new laundry business up and running as soon as possible Contact us for more information.

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